Homestay investment Viet Nam ?

Homestay investment Viet Nam

Homestay investment Viet Nam, According to the market, homestay – the type of tourism that tourists experience living at home of the locals, is rising in Vietnam about 1 year ago. This is considered a new direction for individual investors and investors. With this “eating, living, working together” model will increase the experience for tourists. Therefore, investors take advantage of their houses to combine with leasing, or re-renting and renovating into accommodation places aimed at young guests and foreign tourists traveling dust.

Homestay investment Viet Nam
Homestay investment Viet Nam

However, this type of business does not attract professional development units

This type flourishes all over the country but concentrates mainly in two places: Regions have traditional tourist markets such as Sapa, Hanoi, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hue, Phan Thiet, Vung Tau, Tp. Ho Chi Minh City, Long An, the provinces of the Southwest region and new arrivals. The cause of this kind of bloom is considered to be due to the emergence of more and more middle class people who like to travel and explore; group of foreign guests like to learn indigenous culture.

In addition to regions with traditional tourism, in the central areas of the big city the homestay model is being cared and invested by young people. For tourists, especially Western visitors to Vietnam, they want to visit many places, but take the least time, so the place to choose to homestay must also be convenient for tourists to move. The most convenient place to make homestay is chosen by young people in the central area, which is both convenient and convenient, and has existing and busy facilities.

In addition, currently in the South, the scope of homestay investment is also being narrowed when many of these models appear near Ho Chi Minh City such as Long An, Binh Chanh, Cu Chi, Vung Tau … aimed at people. The city moved easily to rest at the end of the week before the fact that their time fund was quite small.

Homestay investment Viet Nam
Homestay investment Viet Nam

What are the challenges for homestay investment Viet Nam?

Being evaluated as a new investment channel, bringing about stable profits, potential for development in the future, but to succeed with the homestay business model is not easy. According to investment units, young start-ups now think of simply having capital, the idea is to be able to establish accommodation facilities and have tenants. However, behind this business model requires a lot of different things. If you do not calculate it carefully, you may lose heavily.

In fact, many young investors have suffered heavy losses in the first time when joining this model or just follow a short period of time to stop because of unexpected expenses, plus the number of tenants. unstable.

Wen Phan Chanh Chanh, personal real estate expert, said that this type of business does not attract professional development units because the market is big but fragmented, time consuming to develop projects and profit margins. not high compared to traditional investment forms such as hotels, condotel … in the region. According to this expert, the homestay price is always 20-35% lower than the hotel rent, the investor’s payback period lasts.

According to Vina Retail, this business model will boom in the next 3-5 years, but the spontaneity in exploitation, the synchronization in the connection and the support of the policy are considered big challenges. for this business model.

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