How much money is needed to startup a homestay business in Viet Nam?

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How much money is needed to startup a homestay business in Viet Nam?

This is the question that many young entrepreneurs intend to engage with the homestay model. In fact, the initial capital spent on homestay business depends on the selected property and the investment of each investor for its model. There is a fact that the successful homestay models now share the same criteria that the “bearer” investors are also called to invest in the first place, which means that the initial capital will be quite good. high.

For homestay business from 2/2018, the initial capital of between 80 million and 200 million VND can be started with a homestay. Initial capital is more or less dependent on the owner’s investment. There are simple designs, in contrast to sophisticated design, quality furniture, the investment capital will be padded.

Which factors affect the success of the homestay business ?

Firstly, this is the factor affecting the initial capital flow, if selected in the city center, depending on the route, the cost of rent varies. Secondly, the location in the center often ensures a more sustainable long-term customer base because of high demand and convenience right next to the tourists. “When homestay business, the initial capital flow is less, but you should try to find the center of the city because of the facilities.

Errors make the homestay business easy to fail around the location story. The mistake of many young people who start their homestay today is to find a business location where it is difficult for them to find or around without enough facilities to entertain and entertain. There are many homestay advertising pictures very beautiful but in a remote location, hard to find, suck, it is difficult to maintain sustainable business.

Besides, the interior is different. According to homestay investors, this factor greatly affects the psychology of tourists. Whether or not the old guest comes back to me depends a lot on this factor. Often the founder homestay will work with colleagues or design supporters to build ideas and work together. Even furniture in homestay must be selected meticulously, taken at a reasonable cost where quality must be ensured to both attract customers and ensure long-term business capital.

Another factor that directly affects the success or failure of a homestay business is the issue of tourist care. According to Vinaretail, Startup a bussiness homestay means having to take care of customers patiently and patiently, because this is a service job, many problems arise related to people who are not persistent, they will soon be out.

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