What is the trend of condotel apartment Viet Nam 2019 ?

What is the trend of resort real estate in 2019

What is the trend of condotel apartment Viet Nam 2019 ? Resort apartments with each other with the promise of no longer attracting buyers when some investors break the road. Catching that, now many investors have followed the opposite trend of not committing to profit, selling real estate at real value.

The end of the condotel apartment Viet Nam is committed to profit

In the past two years, there have been a lot of advertisements for buying real estate and apartments for rent with investors pledging to pay interest at 12-15% / year. At the end of the commitment period, there is an investor who also offers a profit sharing formula for up to 85-90% for customers. Even investors have boldly committed to buying real estate at a price not lower than the initial investment price.

The rate of sharing profits with customers gets up to 90% and the 10% management company sounds attractive. But remember this is profit sharing, which means that it can only be divided when the project activity is profitable after deducting all kinds of expenses.

Emerging new trends When the condotel legality is still a question mark, with the risks gradually showing up, after 2 years of hot growth, investors have started to “bored” the apartment segment. condotel. The resort real estate market is also quiet during the period from late 2017-2018. However, by the quarter 4/2018, the resort real estate market started to become active again with the emergence of new trends.

It can be said that the silence of the resort real estate market during the past 1 year is a break for both project development and investors to look back on the right direction. For the time being at the end of 2018, it is considered as a strong breakthrough period of the new trends which are forecasted to become the outstanding development trend in 2019. According to the experts, the real estate market is on the way. 2019 will be a strong breakthrough in new lands along with projects that bring real value to investors.

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